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MATHEMATICS PRACTICE BOOKS for Classes 9 and 10 are meant for CBSE and State Boards and are based on the latest CBSE syllabus and the guidelines of NEP 2020.


• Extensive Exercises include MCQs, Very Short Answer, Short Answer and Long Answer Type Questions.
• Competency-based Questions comprise Case Study Based and Assertion-Reasoning Type Questions.
• HOTS Questions test the analytical, logical and reasoning skills of students. ENRICHING FEATURES
• Mind Map summarises important concepts of a chapter in a concise way for easy recall.
• Competition Corner includes challenging questions for students to make them competent to face any competitive examination.
• Self-Assessment helps students to evaluate their performance.
• Sample Question Papers familiarise students with the content, formats, marking scheme and expectations of the CBSE Paper.

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9789355533609 MATHEMATICS PRACTICE BOOK CLASS 10 (2022) Rs   349.00
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