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For Classes:
9 And 10 Textbook

A Textbook of Mathematics is a series of two books for Classes 9 and 10. This series is based on the latest syllabus issued by the CBSE and many other State Education Boards.


Some of the highlights of the book are as follows:

  • It is meant for Basic as well as Standard Levels.
  • It caters to students of different mathematical skills.
  • Every chapter includes

    an adequate number of solved examples.

    a large number of unsolved problems for practice and hints to selected problems.

    check your understanding and unit test consist of multiple-choice questions, short answer type questions, puzzles, match the columns, true/false, etc.

    value-based questions to inculcate values in students.

  • Maths lab activities included in the section In the Lab to help develop conceptual understanding.

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9789352907946 A TEXTBOOK OF MATHEMATICS CLASS 9 (2020) Rs   749.00
9789352907953 A TEXTBOOK OF MATHEMATICS CLASS 10 (2020) Rs   849.00
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