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For Classes:
LKG, UKG, 1 To 5

Splash is an Integrated Semester Series for kindergarten (LKG and UKG) and primary classes (1 – 5). Based on an integrated approach to learning, the teaching–learning materials follow the guidelines in the National Curriculum Framework for School Education. The two books for each class constitute a learner-centric and applicationbased course that aims to enhance the learning experience.

Kindergarten books

The two books each for LKG and UKG include English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies. Colouring pages, child-friendly illustrations, well-structured lessons and fun activities will help children enjoy the class as well as enable them to acquire, apply and advance knowledge in multiple areas. These kindergarten books include large pictures, phonics, picture stories and more.

Books 1–5

The two books for each class include English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies/Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge. Each book includes well-structured lessons, exercises, practice materials, fun tasks and test papers, all of which enable children to acquire, apply and advance knowledge in multiple areas.

The series also includes a wide variety of teacher support materials that will help teachers successfully implement the course and extend it beyond the classroom. The teacher support materials are in the form of embedded footnotes and a special subject-wise Teacher’s Companion. The Teacher's Companion includes detailed lesson plans with extension activities, additional information, practice worksheets, projects, activities for spoken English, answers and more.

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789387208414 SPLASH LKG SEMESTER 1 Rs   409.00
9789387208421 SPLASH LKG SEMESTER 2 Rs   409.00
9789391144685 SPLASH BOOK LKG SEMESTER 2 (NEP 2020) Rs   469.00
9789391144760 SPLASH BOOK UKG SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   479.00
9789391144609 SPLASH BOOK LKG SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   469.00
9789391144531 SPLASH BOOK 2 SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   599.00
9789387208353 SPLASH 3 SEMESTER 1 Rs   539.00
9789391144296 SPLASH BOOK 1 SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   569.00
9789387208377 SPLASH 4 SEMESTER 1 Rs   574.00
9789391144296 SPLASH BOOK 1 SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   569.00
9789391144616 SPLASH BOOK 2 SEMESTER 2 (NEP 2020) Rs   599.00
9789391144777 SPLASH BOOK 3 SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   619.00
9789391144852 SPLASH BOOK 3 SEMESTER 2 (NEP 2020) Rs   619.00
9789391144012 SPLASH BOOK 4 SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   659.00
9789391144845 SPLASH BOOK UKG SEMESTER 2 (NEP 2020) Rs   479.00
9789391144128 SPLASH BOOK 5 SEMESTER 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   689.00
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