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9 And 10 Textbook

ICSE History and Civics 9 and 10 is a series of two books written in strict conformity with the latest syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

The books are not just a simple narration of facts; rather there is an attempt to link political, economic, social and cultural factors that together caused events in history.

In the Civics section, numerous examples from everyday life help bridge the gap between theory and practice.


  • Keywords and terms have been explained.
  • TRIVIA gives interesting facts to break the monotony of the text.
  • There are in-text questions for constant revision.
  • PHOTO STUDY section is based on the ICSE pattern of ‘picture questions’.
  • Questions have been culled from previous years of ICSE papers for revision.
  • A chronological TIMELINE has been given to help students remember important dates and events.

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9789385976070 ICSE HISTORY & CIVICS 9 (REVISED-2016) Rs   484.00
9789385976926 ICSE HISTORY & CIVICS 10 (REVISED-2017) Rs   499.00
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