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9 And 10 Study Book and Practice Book CBSE English Language and Literature

Living English 9 and 10 are preparatory books for the Class 9 School and CBSE board examinations. Developed as per the latest English Language and Literature syllabus, they offer a well-structured and comprehensive learning support to students of English in these two critical grades. The books have detailed explanations of chapters and concepts, and are replete with solved and practice exercises. They aim to make the students confident self-learners and improve their proficiency and performance in the subject.

The books are an invaluable resource for teachers too as an aid for teaching and assessment.

Some salient features of the books are:

  • Content divided into Study Book and Practice Book
  • In-depth explanation of every topic
  • Solved Questions of the NCERT Textbooks and Supplementary Readers
  • Solved Sample Questions and Practice Assignments
  • Spotlights on language usage and literary devices
  • Recall pages for every topic in the Practice Book
  • Language Enrichment Activities (Speaking & Listening)
  • Sample Test Papers
  • Art Integration

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789352908875 Living English Study Book 9 Rs   320.00
9789352908899 Living English Study Book 10 Rs   289.00
9789352908882 LIVING ENGLISH PRACTICE BOOK 9 Rs   390.00
9789352908905 LIVING ENGLISH PRACTICE BOOK 10 Rs   459.00
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