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For Classes:
A, B, 1 to 8 Main Reader, Workbook & Teacher’s Handbook

The series is a complete graded course based on tried and tested language-learning principles. Language is presented and analysed in its natural complexity, in a way that responds to the educational needs of pupils and the content of language education. The structure of the books has been customized according to the CCE pattern launched by the CBSE.


  • A rich, challenging and balanced content makes room for aesthetic appreciation and critical analysis.
  • The series promotes the acquisition of language structures through the three main modes of UNDERSTANDING, PRODUCTION and COMMUNICATION.
  • The special life skills section will help to develop the children's abilities to deal with everyday situations in life.
  • The eclectic approach of the books takes care of the linguistic and communicative requirements of the learners.

  • The pre-primary and primary books are specially designed to help children learn the skills of reading and writing through activities.
  • The text covers diverse themes like adventure, humour, nature, science, sports, mystery, folklore, fiction, myths and legends.
  • The main exercise sections after each reading text create a base for authentic language use. The multiple-choice questions offer special scope for the child to think and process information appropriately in order to get the correct answer.
  • The COMPREHENSION section is designed to help students analyse a text consciously and strategically, thus promoting active and critical reading skills. The selection-type questions at the end of each reading text will help to develop the students' ability to summarize, sequence, infer, draw conclusions, distinguish between fact and opinion and find the main idea, important facts and supporting details.
  • The THINK AND WRITE questions in Books 6–8 promote cognitive development and higher order thinking skills (HOTS).
  • The WORD STUDY section contributes extensively to the reader' vocabulary.
  • The GRAMMAR STUDY section presents the concepts structurally, focuses on their functional usage as well and are graded systematically in each book.
  • The LISTENING and SPEAKING sections offer a wide range of tasks based on real-life situations to enable students to interact confidently in English.
  • The WRITING section has tasks to practise in functional and imaginative writing. The scaffolding in the writing tasks develops confidence in students and makes the tasks less daunting.
  • There are four sets of tasks for FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT in each book. These tasks include projects, internet based research activities, posters, mind maps, flowcharts, reviews and commentaries on the text. In addition, there are two test papers for SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – one at the end of the first half of the book and the other at the end of the book.

  • The workbooks complement the main coursebooks. They emphasize the learning of language skills through extensive exercises like multiple-choice questions.
  • The workbooks provide extended practice in lesson-linked vocabulary, grammar and writing tasks, and have Revision Test Papers.

Also available Teacher's Handbooks and websupport at ELT Virtual Resource Centre www.ratnasagar.co.in
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  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789386600820 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER PRE-PRIMER A 2018 EDITION Rs   299.00
9789386600837 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER PRIMER B 2018 EDITION Rs   329.00
9789386600844 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 1 2018 EDITION Rs   399.00
9789386600851 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 2 2018 EDITION Rs   449.00
9789386600882 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 5 2018 EDITION Rs   509.00
9789386600899 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 6 2018 EDITION Rs   534.00
9789386600905 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 7 2018 EDITION Rs   534.00
9789386600912 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 8 2018 EDITION Rs   534.00
9789386925435 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK PRIMER B 2018 Rs   224.00
9789386600868 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 3 2018 EDITION Rs   489.00
9789386925442 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 1 2018 EDITION Rs   279.00
9789386925459 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 2 2018 EDITION Rs   289.00
9789386925466 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 3 2018 EDITION Rs   299.00
9789386925473 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 4 2018 EDITION Rs   299.00
9789386925480 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 5 2018 EDITION Rs   309.00
9789386925497 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 6 2018 EDITION Rs   324.00
9789386925503 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 7 2018 EDITION Rs   344.00
9789386925510 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER WORKBOOK 8 2018 EDITION Rs   344.00
9789386600875 NEW GEM'S ENGLISH READER 4 2018 EDITION Rs   499.00
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