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The Panchatantra Selections 1–5

These stories were originally written in Sanskrit and made into a set of five books called the pancha (five) tantra (books). The stories pose questions and problems that arise daily in the lives of all, prince or peasant. These are presented in real-life situations that demand solutions. The present set includes some well-known stories from the Panchatantra.

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9788170706205 Panchatantra Selection 1 (NEW) Rs   159.00
9788170706212 Panchatantra Selection 2 Rs   159.00
9788170706229 Panchatantra Selection 3 (NEW) Rs   159.00
9788170706236 Panchatantra Selection 4 Rs   159.00
9788170706243 Panchatantra Selection 5 (NEW) Rs   159.00
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