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GK Magic is a graded series of general knowledge books. The books have a large number of photographs and have been beautifully designed and illustrated. Books 1 and 2 aim to make the learners aware of their immediate surroundings. The series is intended for CBSE, ICSE and State Board schools.


  • IT‘S A FACT and DID YOU KNOW provides additional information.
  • TO DO has activities for the learners to attempt at home.
  • The BRAIN TEASERS section includes puzzles, riddles, reasoning questions and more.
  • The LIFE SKILLS section will stimulate the thinking, social and emotional skills of the learners.
  • The VALUES section will help the learners imbibe values for their all-round development.
  • WEBLINKS and GO ONLINE will take the learners beyond the text.
  • There are two test papers at the end of each book.
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9789350366158 GK Magic 1 Rs   274.00
9789350366165 GK Magic 2 Rs   309.00
9789350366172 GK Magic 3 Rs   334.00
9789350366189 GK Magic 4 Rs   344.00
9789350366196 GK Magic 5 Rs   354.00
9789350366202 GK Magic 6 Rs   374.00
9789350366226 GK Magic 7 Rs   384.00
9789350366219 GK Magic 8 Rs   384.00
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