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For Classes:
3 To 5

Focus Social Studies is a series of textbooks for the Preparatory Stage (Classes 3-5). Facts and concepts have been presented in a lucid format. The language is child-friendly, the visuals are attractive, the exercises are exhaustive and the activities are engaging. As recommended by NEP 2020, the books also extend learning beyond the classroom through suggestions for values, life skills, Health & Physical Education (HPE) and art intergration.

Focus Social Studies 3-5 includes

More to know to provide interesting information on a topic

Find out to make the learners feel invloved Word meanings of important terms to aid understanding

Lesson at a glance for the summary of the lesson Fun to learn to test conceptual understanding and application of knowledge

Fun to do to test the skills of creative thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity

Map activities to develop mapping skills and blank maps for additional practice

Weblinks to take the learners beyond the classroom

Notes for the educator to aid teachers and parents

Worksheets for practice and self-assessment

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