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For Classes:
6 To 8

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Integrated Social Science series introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education.


  • TIME TO LEARN and TIME TO DO have rich and extensive exercises and activities that can be used for both formative and summative assessment.
  • MORE TASKS FOR FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT include activities and projects.
  • HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions will develop reasoning ability.
  • LIFE SKILLS will help develop the co-scholastic abilities of the child.
  • SELF-ASSESSMENT CHECKLISTS will help the child to gauge her/his understanding of the activities.
  • IN-TEXT QUESTIONS act as an effective assessment or diagnostic tool.
  • CASE STUDIES will help the child to understand the topics better.
  • TO SUM UP recapitulates the lesson.
  • SURFING ACTIVITY includes website references on different topics.
  • Two MODEL TEST PAPERS are given to aid in summative assessment.
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9789386925220 UPDATED INTEGRATED SOCIAL SCIENCE 6 (2018) Rs   499.00
9789386925237 UPDATED INTEGRATED SOCIAL SCIENCE 7 (2018) Rs   519.00
9789386925244 UPDATED INTEGRATED SOCIAL SCIENCE 8 (2018) Rs   549.00
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