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For Classes:
1 to 5Reader & Teacher’s Handbook

A child-friendly series that stresses on the do-and-learn approach and follows the NCF guidelines.

  • The series is structured in a child-friendly format
  • The topics have been graded in a progressive fashion, thus leaving no learning gaps
  • Simle language facilities better comprehension
  • The do-and-learn approach adopted in the books makes learning a joyful experience, and not just a routine memorization of facts
  • Each book has a special section devoted on issues related to the environment. This will encourage to explore the world of web technology. The SURF AND LEARN section gives useful web links to the topics given in the books
  • LINKS ACROSS SUBJECTS (3-5), given at the end of each unit, would help the child bridge the gap between Social Studies and other subjects. This fosters an interdisciplinary approach. The life skills section aims at inculcating values in children.
  • Interesting facts, given as FUN TO KNOW, are boxed off in the text
  • The MORE TO DO activities give an insight into how knowledge gained from books an be transferred to practical life
  • The FUN TO LEARN section would help children to learn in a fun way
  • TEST PAPERS, given at the end of the books, are a quick recapitulation tool
  • Visual aids such as colourful pictures and illustrations help to correlate the text. Maps, prepared by expert cartographers, make learning a hands-on experience.

Also available Teacher's Handbook
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