Ratna Sagar
Ratna Sagar



For Classes:
6-8Physics, Chemistry, Biology

The series is enriched with a large number of features to develop a variety of skills in different learning situations rather than focusing only on learning of content. The text is well-organized, comprehensive and communicates scientific concepts in a simple language to provide a sound base for the higher classes. Attractive layout with clear, well-labelled diagrams and photographs serve to illustrate the scientific concepts. Flowcharts, concept maps, infographics and tables have been used at appropriate places to illustrate scientific information in a nutshell. A number of projects, activities and experiments have been included to develop scientific skills in students.

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789355728548 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE BIOLOGY 6 (NEP 2020) Rs   539.00
9789355728555 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE BIOLOGY 7 (NEP 2020) Rs   549.00
9789355728562 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE BIOLOGY 8 (NEP 2020) Rs   569.00
9789355728517 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE CHEMISTRY 6 (NEP 2020) Rs   539.00
9789355728524 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE CHEMISTRY 7 (NEP 2020) Rs   549.00
9789355728531 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE CHEMISTRY 8 (NEP 2020) Rs   569.00
9789355728494 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE PHYSICS 7 (NEP 2020) Rs   549.00
9789355728487 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE PHYSICS 6 (NEP 2020) Rs   539.00
9789355728500 ICSE LIVING SCIENCE PHYSICS 8 (NEP 2020) Rs   569.00
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