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The Science Magic series is enriched with a wide variety of features to involve the students in the learning process and to ensure that each topic is not only well understood, but also retained for a longer time. This series

  • Introduces science in a simple, child-friendly manner with the help of vividly illustrated and progressively organized content.
  • Builds a sound understanding of science by using examples that relate to everyday life.
  • Contains a variety of learning tools to help make learning an enjoyable experience.
  • Is interspersed with a large number of activities, experiments and craft-work to enhance scientific learning and skills.
  • Is supplemented with well-graded exercises based on Bloom‘s taxonomy to help assess different aspects of cognition.

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789355533388 SCIENCE MAGIC 1 (NEP 2020) Rs   369.00
9789355533548 SCIENCE MAGIC 4 (NEP 2020) Rs   539.00
9789355533548 SCIENCE MAGIC 4 (NEP 2020) Rs   539.00
9789355533531 SCIENCE MAGIC 3 (NEP 2020) Rs   499.00
9789355533562 SCIENCE MAGIC 5 (NEP 2020) Rs   549.00
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