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As Per NCF 2023

Science Magic is a skill-based set of five books developed as per NEP 2020. The books focus on developing 21st century skills and the required scientific skills. These books are for the Foundational Stages (1-2) and the preparatory Stage (3-5).

Special Features

  • A large number of activities - Get set!, Do and learn, Sciene club, Life Skills and more- to encourage experiential learning and enhance scientific skills.

  • In-text questions (checkpoint) and well-graded excercises and help assess conceptual understanding and application of knowledge

  • HOTS questions to enhance critical thinking

  • Cosmic Strip in main course book (3-5), Yoga for health booklet (book 1-5), Know Your Science according folder (books 1-5) and scictionary (books 3-5) to help develop 21st centuary skills.

  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789358520842 SCIENCE MAGIC 1 (NCF 2023) Rs   389.00
9789358520873 SCIENCE MAGIC 4 (NCF 2023) Rs   539.00
9789358520873 SCIENCE MAGIC 4 (NCF 2023) Rs   539.00
9789358520866 SCIENCE MAGIC 3 (NEP 2020) Rs   509.00
9789358520880 SCIENCE MAGIC 5 (NCF 2023) Rs   549.00
9789358520859 SCIENCE MAGIC 2 (NCF 2023) Rs   444.00
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