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For Classes:
1 to 8

Right Click adopts a user-friendly and interactive approach to the use of computer and information technology for young students.

  • Each chapter begins with the feature - IN THIS CHAPTER WE WILL LEARN ABOUT. This will give a brief idea about the topics covered in the chapter to be taught.
  • The matter in the books has been kept simple and has been suitably graded for each level. Each point is illustrated with labeled pictures that help students to understand the concepts.
  • The text is interspersed with activities and in-text exercises. TEST YOURSELF at the end of every chapter offers a variety of questions that are stimulating and learner-centered.
  • There are fact boxes and interesting tips and tricks that will help to sustain the students' interest in the topics.
  • COMPUTER MANNERS teaches computer etiquette in a child-friendly manner. 'LET US RECALL recapitulates the lesson. KEYWORDS explain the meaning of new words' in simple language in every chapter.
  • Project work and Lab activities are given at the end of each chapter to make learning a 'pleasurable' experience as they are interactive and activity based.
  • Teaching ideas have been included to help the teacher to make the lesson more meaningful and interesting.

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9789350362884 Right Click 1 (revised) Rs   174.00
9789350362891 Right Click 2 (revised) Rs   234.00
9789350362907 Right Click 3 (revised) Rs   254.00
9789350362914 Right Click 4 (revised) Rs   264.00
9789350362921 Right Click 5 (revised) Rs   279.00
9789350362938 Right Click 6 (revised) Rs   314.00
9789350362945 Right Click 7 (revised) Rs   329.00
9789350362952 Right Click 8 (revised) Rs   339.00
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