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For Classes:
1 to 8

My Book on Mental Maths and Assignments

Rapid Fire 1 - 8 is a series of practice books that focusses on mental maths. In addition to providing drill and practice, the books aim to develop the skills of logical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving in students. The series will perfectly complement any maths coursebook.

Key Features

  • The books cover all the concepts that are a part of the mathematics syllabus.
  • The wide variety of questions in the books includes picture-based ones and brain teasers.
  • A perfect balance of mental maths worksheets and assignments has been maintained.
  • Two test papers at the end of each book will help in assessing the development of maths skills in students.
  • There are sample questions in Books 3 to 8 to help students prepare for the International mathematics Olympiad ( IMO ).

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9789352906987 Rapid Fire 1 Rs   169.00
9789352906994 Rapid Fire 2 Rs   189.00
9789352907007 Rapid Fire 3 Rs   199.00
9789352907014 Rapid Fire 4 Rs   199.00
9789352907021 Rapid Fire 5 Rs   199.00
9789352907038 Rapid Fire 6 Rs   229.00
9789352907045 Rapid Fire 7 Rs   239.00
9789352907052 Rapid Fire 8 Rs   249.00
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