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This book is a one-stop solution for JEE, Main and Advanced, aspirants. It provides a sound foundation in fundamentals of chemistry upon which theoretical models are constructed. It captures the fundamentals of the subject in a simple and logical framework of factual knowledge. The description is long enough to cover the essentials, yet short enough to be interesting. It’s fresh and compelling approach to teaching Physical Chemistry makes it the best resource for an IIT aspirant. Prepared in collaboration with experts in JEE coaching this is the best book in Physical Chemistry for JEE, Main and Advanced. It offers the dual advantage of unmatched explanation of concepts as developed by “Master teacher” and appropriate applications of the concepts to problem solving as developed by experts in this area. The progression is from basic concepts in stoichiometry, importance of measurement and units followed by properties of the three states of matter. Next, the discussion proceeds towards electronic structure of atoms and bonding in compounds. The thermodynamic study of reactions, properties of solutions and reaction equilibria are discussed, leading to the electron transfer reactions and their applications in electrochemistry. Finally, the kinetics involved in reactions and the surface phenomena are studied before capitulating to the study of highly energetic nuclear reactions.

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