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A must-have resource for JEE (Main & Advanced) aspirants Authored by a pioneer teacher associated with IIT-JEE coaching, Dr. G.S.N. Murti, the book has a two-fold advantage: Conceptual strength provided by accurate, precise but sufficient coverage of topics. Solved and unsolved problems which have number of multiple choice questions as per JEE (Main & advanced) pattern for strengthening concepts. Salient Features - Eminent Authorship - Clear, Concise, and Inviting Writing Style, Tone and Layout - Optimum Balance of Theory and Applications - Excellent Pedagogy - Worked-Out Problems and End-of-Chapter Material as per IIT-JEE Assessment Pattern - Subjective Questions for students to practice About the Author Dr. G.S.N. Murti is an eminent mathematician, accomplished author and a dedicated teacher. He has taught Mathematics at degree level for 27 years before moving onto coach prospective IIT-JEE candidates. His name is synonymous with the best quality IIT-JEE coaching in Mathematics & is also considered a master trainer and mentor by a huge community of Mathematics teachers who prepare students for engineering entrance examinations. Table of Contents - Rectangular Coordinates, Basic Formulae, Locus and Change of Axes - Straight Line and Pair of Lines - Circle - Applications of Differentiation - Ellipse and Hyperbola - Three-Dimensional Geometry

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