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IIT-JEE>>Solutions to Irodov's Problems in General Physics (Volume II)

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Irodov’s problems are recognized as the essential preparation for IIT-JEE because they test the concept grasp of students. They are thought to be the trickiest and the most comprehensive set of problems the world over. Some problems combine multiple concepts of physics, which makes them unique. Solutions to I.E. IRODOV’S problems in General Physics, available in two volumes, are meant for those dedicated physics students who face the challenge of solving numerical problems, particularly IIT-JEE aspirants. The two volumes provide complete solutions for each of the 1878 problems in I.E. IRODOV’s original question book, along with final answers.

Table of Contents
PART FOUR Oscillations and Waves
4.1 Mechanical Oscillations
4.2 Electric Oscillations
4.3 Elastic Waves. Acoustics
4.4 Electromagnetic waves. Radiation
5.1 Photometry and Geometrical Optics
5.2 Interference of Light
5.3 Diffraction of Light
5.4 Polarization of Light
5.5 Dispersion and Absorption of Light
5.6 Optics of Moving Sources
5.7 Thermal Radiation. Quantum Nature of Light
PART SIX Atomic and Nuclear Physics
6.1 Scattering of Particles. Rutherford-Bohr atom
6.2 Waves Properties of Particles. Schrodinger Equation
6.3 Properties of Atoms. Spectra
6.4 Molecules and Crystals
6.5 Radioactivity
6.6 Nuclear Reactions
6.7 Elementary Particles

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