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Ratna Sagar


IIT-JEE>>Mathematics for JEE (Vol II)

For Classes:
Trigonometry, Vector Algebra, Probability

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The book has a two-fold advantage:
a) Conceptual strength provided by accurate, precise but sufficient coverage of topics;
(b) solved and unsolved problems as per IIT-JEE pattern for strengthening concepts.
The main idea is to make students understand the theory behind to enable them to strategize a given problem and tactically solve it.

Special Features
  • Eminent Authorship
  • Clear, Concise, and Inviting Writing Style, Tone and Layout
  • Optimum Balance of Theory and Applications
  • Excellent Pedagogy
  • Theorems and Corollaries (with proofs)
  • Solved Examples
  • Examples
  • Quick Look
  • Try It Out
  • Worked Out Problems
  • Summary
  • Exercises
  • Answers
  • Worked-Out Problems and End-Of-Chapter Material as per IIT-JEE Assessment Pattern
  • Single Correct Choice Type
  • Multiple Correct Choice Type
  • Matrix-Match Type
  • Comprehension-Type
  • Assertion-Reasoning Type
  • Integer Answer Type
  • 140+ Solved Examples
  • 490+ Unsolved Problems
  • 820+ Worked-out Problems

Table of Contents
  • Trigonometric Ratios and Transformations
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Trigonometric Equations
  • Properties of Triangles
  • Addition and Scalar Multiplication of Vectors
  • Multiplication of Vectors
  • Probability
  • Inequalities
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