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For Classes:
9 & 10Reader & Workbook

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ICSE GEOGRAPHY with Workbooks
(For Classes 9–10)

ICSE Geography is a series of  two course books based on the latest syllabus for ICSE schools. The books have comprehensive and student-friendly contents. They cover all aspects of the subject, such as practical geography, continents and water bodies, their physical features, climate, natural vegetation, resources, utilization and life of the people. There is a special emphasis on topics related to the environment.

Large-sized maps make learning geography a hands-on experience as they take the learner on a virtual tour around the globe. The attractive photographs are colourful, authentic and enrich the text greatly.

Some salient features of the books are:

  • Interesting, often amazing, geographical facts are highlighted in boxes.
  • NEW WORDS at the end of each chapter, or in the form of a Glossary at the end of the book, acquaint the learner with geographical terms.
  • AT A GLANCE gives a recap of the important points in each chapter.
  • Exercises on the pattern of the board exams will help children to prepare for them.
  • MAP WORK and THINGS TO DO actively involve the student in the learning process.

Geography Workbook & Map Practice

The ICSE Geography workbook & map practice supplement the main textbooks.

  • They develop the learner’s ability to analyse, compare and contrast, and work out cause-effect relationships which are integral to the study of geography.
  • The large-sized maps will aid comprehension.
  • The exhaustive questions included in the books provide both extensive and intensive practice and help the learner to perform better.
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  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789350361108 ICSE GEOGRAPHY FOR CLASS 9 (SYLLABUS-2013) Rs   425.90
9789385976919 ICSE GEOGRAPHY CLASS 10 (REVISED & UPDATED-2017) Rs   499.00
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