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Ratna Sagar proudly presents the Ratna Sagar Shakespeare Series, having special student editions of select titles of Shakespeare. Instructionally designed after the pattern of the ICSE and ISC curriculum, these titles are a worthy addition to any library, and a great resource for any student wishing to read Shakespeare. Each title in this series contains: 1. TEXTBOOK – in this regular edition of the textbook the original text is closely annotated with comprehensive word meanings and notes. Correctness of meaning and precision of wording are the hallmark of this annotated version. 2. TEXTBOOK WITH PARAPHRASE – the paraphrase edition has the original text and its modern English translation, supported by exhaustive annotations. A great way to simplify Shakespeare! 3. WORKBOOK – a compilation of scene-wise practice questions, framed on a progressive testing scale of detail and original thinking. The questions are preceded by short summaries and critical notes that help students to recall the main action and signifi cant episodes in a scene. THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Perhaps the most singular of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies, The Merchant of Venice is best remembered for its dramatic scenes, moving speeches, and the unforgettable character of Shylock. Though not the merchant of the title of the play, Shylock wrests for himself a centrality of role that places Shakespeare much ahead of his times – more or less a revolutionary, almost an iconoclast. This special student edition of The Merchant of Venice by Ratna Sagar follows closely the A W Verity edition not only with respect to the text but also annotations, which are suitably simplified for young readers. The analyses of characters, themes, plot, and language provide a fi rm foundation for appreciating the play, and go further to encourage original thinking in students regarding the story and the characters, for which the play offers a rich ground. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING A brilliant comedy of wit, Much Ado About Nothing is perhaps the finest example of Shakespeare's verbal ingenuity and the audacity of his times. With word fencing creating veritable impasses at every turn, and eavesdropping and reporting creating utter confusion, the title of the play is amply demonstrated in all the bluster and toil of the action that come to naught in the play. This special student edition of Much Ado About Nothing by Ratna Sagar offers comprehensive word meanings and notes, where the language and its nuances are adequately covered as are the literary devices – all indispensable for appreciating a play that is predominantly driven by dialogue.

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