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The revised edition of On Board! offers guidance to students preparing for the Class 10 CBSE Examination according to the CCE pattern.


  • This practice book covers every section of the English examination syllabus thoroughly, strictly according to the CBSE pattern.
  • It shows how the questions in each section should be attempted in the examination.
  • It gives ample opportunity to the students to become proficient and confident in writing their answers.
  • It attempts to develop in the students the ability to do reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary tasks on their own. This overall development will make them adept in the receptive and productive skills of language, preparing them for life in and beyond school.
  • Examination strategies have been suggested to facilitate accuracy and speed in answering the questions.
  • The Word Power will help develop expression in the students since receptive skills are linked to productive skills.

Also Available Companions and web support at ELT Virtual Resource Centre www.ratnasagar.co.in

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