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9 to 12Practice Book & Companion

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On Board! offers assistance and guidance to students preparing for the CBSE Examination for Classes 9 to 12.

  • This practice book covers every section of the English examination syllabus thoroughly.
  • It gives tips on how the questions in each section should be attempted in the examination. It gives ample opportunity to the students to become proficient and confident in writing their answers.
  • It attempts to develop in the students the ability to do reading, writing and vocabulary tasks on their own. This ability will make them adept in the receptive and productive skills of the language, preparing them for life in and beyond school.

SECTION A: READING The passages cover a variety of topics, acquainting students with a range of texts.

SECTION B: WRITING It offers formats and samples for each type of writing task in the CBSE syllabus. Tips for developing writing skills include tried and tested strategies.

SECTION C: GRAMMAR It supports the students with quick revision and practice material. The practice material is based strictly on the examination pattern.

SECTION D: LITERATURE It offers a variety of questions from poetry, prose and drama. Graphic organizers have been given to enable students to recapitulate the lessons.

TEST PAPERS Some actual tasks from the CBSE Board Examination papers have been included in order to acquaint students with samples of real examination tasks.

ANSWERS Value points have been given for the Reading and Literature sections to facilitate peer-correction and self-correction.

WORD POWER Students are encouraged to use the dictionary and infer the meaning of words and phrases from the context. 

LISTENING & SPEAKING In order to develop proficiency in the English language it is imperative that all the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are honed.

On Board! includes guidelines for developing and assessing listening and speaking skills.

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  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9789350362495 On Board 11 (revised) Rs   494.90
9788183324670 On Board 12 (revised) Rs   514.90
9789350369340 On Board 10 (revised) Rs   504.90
9789350369333 On Board 9 (revised) Rs   484.90
9789350367049 On Board 9 Teachers Companion (revised) 2016 ED Rs   139.90
9789350367056 On Board 10 Teachers Companion (revised) 2016 ED Rs   139.90
9788183325325 On Board 11 Teachers Companion (revised) Rs   249.90
9788183325332 On Board 12 Teachers Companion (revised) Rs   249.90
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