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Computer Magic: an activity-based book

Based on WINDOWS 7 and MS Office 2010

for classes 1–8
Computer Magic
adopts a user-friendly and interactive approach to make the study of computers a joyful experience.
Key Features
  • The content is simple and suitably graded for each level.
  • Each chapter has lots of IN-TEXT AND CLASS ACTIVITIES to encourage self-assessment.
  • ACTIVITY IN THE LAB provides hands-on activities along with the steps to solve them.
  • LAB ACTIVITIES provide more activities that can be done in the lab.
  • EXERCISE CORNER includes questions based on the topics covered in each chapter.
  • FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT (FA) and SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT (SA) papers assess students’ understanding of the concepts learnt.
  • RECAP CORNER (Classes 3 to 8) helps revise the important concepts learnt.
  • FUN CORNER includes more interactive and fun-based activities.
  • VALUE CORNER includes activities that inculcate values in daily life.
  • Interesting FACT BOXES, SMART TIPS and KNOW MORE hold interest in the topic.
  • HOTS questions (Classes 3 to 8) encourage independent and analytical thinking.
  • FOR THE TEACHER contains tips to make the lesson meaningful and interesting.
  • PICTURE GLOSSARY (Classes 1 and 2) provides pictures of computer parts and devices.
  • GLOSSARY (Classes 3 to 8) contains computer-related words and their meanings.
  • PROJECT WORK includes activities based on important chapters.
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