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English>>Communicate in English
(CCE Edition)

For Classes:
A, B, 1 to 8Main Reader, Workbook & Teacher's Handbook

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WHAT'S NEW in CCE Edition?

The revised edition of Communicate in English, based on the CCE approach and extensive feedback from schools, will empower learners to communicate and express themselves in English. It will also equip them for a rapidly changing global scene. This edition reflects the changing trends and developments in the communicative approach.

In Books A,B there is a CHECKLIST for CCE and feedback for the teacher.
Books 1–8 have been enriched and updated with
  • a varied range of reading texts from different genres
  • multiple-choice questions  
  • HOTS questions in Books 3 to 8
  • activities that develop dictionary skills
  • activities that can be used for formative and summative assessment 
  • life skills
  • self-assessment checklists (in Books 1 and 2)
  • a fresh, new look with a completely new design
  • lively and imaginative four-colour illustrations  


  • The books in this series are carefully graded and classroom-tested.
  • The texts are based on interesting and contemporary topics. The latest relevant information on issues like ENDANGERED ANIMALS, SPORTS and ENVIRONMENT has been included.
  • A short introductory activity at the beginning of each lesson/unit warms up the student for the text to come.
  • Exhaustive exercises have been given to develop the skills of comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, communication and dictionary reference. The grammar section is well-graded with definitions, interactive grammar tasks and activities.
  • The HOTS questions focus on critical thinking and analytical skills of the students, rather than memorizing skills.
  • The writing section has enough practice in functional and imaginative writing. Scaffolding in the writing tasks will help to develop confidence in students.
  • Enjoyable interactive group tasks give learners a framework to practise the language meaningfully.
  •  The series provides extensive language practice through stimulating learner-centred creative tasks. 


  • Theme-related unseen comprehension passages are followed by multiple-choice questions according to the CCE pattern.
  • The Activity Books emphasize the learning of language skills through interesting, interactive and individual tasks.
  • The exercises in Activity Books 6–8 provide practice for reinforcing vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, dictionary reference and thinking skills.
  • The writing tasks in every lesson/unit will expose the students to a variety of writing formats.
LITERATURE READERS 3–8 will motivate students to read for pleasure by offering interesting texts for extended reading.
INTERACTIVE CDs with 6–8 contain
  • grammar practice with crosswords, wordsearches, grammar games and more...
  • listening exercises to reinforce the practice of listening skills.
  • recitation of poems from the main coursebooks.

Also available Teacher’s Handbooks and web support at ELT Virtual Resource Centre www.ratnasagar.co.in
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9788183329385 COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH 6 (CCE EDITION) Rs   419.90
9788183329392 Revised Communicate in English 7 (CCE Edition) Rs   419.90
9788183329408 Revised Communicate in English 8 (CCE Edition) Rs   419.90
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9788183329460 Revised Communicate in English Workbook 6 CCE Ed Rs   229.90
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