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For Classes:
A, B, 1 to 8Main Reader, Workbook & Teacher’s Handbook

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New Gem’s English Reader

For Classes Pre-Primer, Primer, 1-8

This revised edition keeps intact the rich literary flavour of the original series. The aim of this revision is to

  • Update the reading material by including lessons on contemporary themes that deal with issues related to the everyday lives of the readers.
  • Incorporate the latest techniques of English Language Teaching (ELT) in the teaching of the four language skills.

Salient Features of the series

  • The series promotes the acquisition of language structures through the three main phases of UNDERSTANDING, PRODUCTION and COMMUNICATION.
  • The pre-primary and primary books are specially designed to help children learn the skills of reading and writing through various activities. Special focus is given on the structure of the language.
  • The balanced content gives access to text for personal enjoyment, aesthetic appreciation and critical analysis.
  • The text, both prose and poetry, covers diverse themes like adventure, humour, nature, science, sports, mystery, folklore, fiction, myths and legends.
  • Contemporary, authentic situational texts, biographies and travelogues provide opportunities to revisit some subjects, themes and characters.
  • Going through the collection of modern as well as classic poems is an exulting experience in itself. The exercises and activities deal with both, the creative and the technical aspect, and encourage unrestricted flow of ideas that go a long way in igniting a genuine interest for poetry in students.
  • The COMPREHENSION section is designed to help students analyze a text consciously and strategically, thus promoting active and critical reading skills. The Comprehension section also has questions that are designed to develop thinking skills like analyzing, reasoning, comprehending, sequencing and evaluating and thus increase cognitive development. The focus of such questions is on problem solving and higher order thinking skills (HOTS).
  • The WORD STUDY section increases the students’ interest in the English language and literature and enables them to enrich their vocabulary
  • The GRAMMAR STUDY section presents grammar in the tried and tested way, that is, structurally. Important grammar concepts are graded properly and systematically and explained with examples, followed by exercises.
  • The LISTENING and SPEAKING sections offer a wide range of tasks based on real-life situations to enable students to interact confidently in English.
  • The WRITING section has abundant practice in functional and imaginative writing. The tasks such as, picture compositions, diary entries, all kinds of essays and letters and so on, involve choosing the right vocabulary items to express one’s thoughts, using the grammatical patterns of the language correctly, and observing certain conservations of writing rules and punctuation. Plenty of scaffolding has been given in the writing tasks to develop confidence in students and to make the tasks less daunting.
  • The user-friendly large format of the books, the pleasant layout and the beautiful, four colour illustrations further enhance the appeal of the books.
  • The coursebooks are complemented by the WORKBOOKS.
  • Support material for the teachers includes TEACHER’S HANDBOOKS and WEB SUPPORT.

    New Gem’s English Reader Workbooks

    • The workbooks provide extensive and intensive practice in lesson-linked vocabulary, grammar and writing tasks, and Revision Test Papers.
    • The exercises complement the topics in the coursebooks.
    • Illustrations facilitate understanding of abstract concepts.

    Also available
    Teacher’s Handbooks and Web support on the ELT Virtual Resource Centre at www.ratnasagar.co.in

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  ISBN Book Name Price(Rs.) Qty
9788183326469 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER PRE PRIMER Rs   254.90
9788183326476 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER PRIMER Rs   279.90
9788183326483 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 1 Rs   314.90
9788183326490 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 2 Rs   349.90
9788183326506 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 3 Rs   389.90
9788183326513 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 4 Rs   399.90
9788183326520 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 5 Rs   399.90
9788183326537 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 6 Rs   469.90
9788183326544 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 7 Rs   469.90
9788183326551 NEW GEMS ENGLISH READER 8 Rs   469.90
9788183327190 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK PRIMER Rs   189.90
9788183327206 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 1 Rs   224.90
9788183327213 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 2 Rs   224.90
9788183327220 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 3 Rs   234.90
9788183327237 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 4 Rs   234.90
9788183327244 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 5 Rs   244.90
9788183327251 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 6 Rs   254.90
9788183327268 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 7 Rs   269.90
9788183327275 NEW GEMS ENGLISH WORKBOOK 8 Rs   269.90
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