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For Classes:
1 to 5

Targeting GK 1–5 is a pioneering series that delves into a variety of themes and promotes learning of other subjects through integration.

It draws from Multiple Intelligence Framework and thus caters to varied interests of learners.

It combines General Knowledge, Environmental Awareness, Life Skills, Thinking Skills and Personality Development. It keeps learners abreast with latest events in and around the world.

Salient features of the series

  • Each book is thematically divided into three terms. Every term draws on a variety of themes like Language, Art, Literature, Science, Social Science, Sports, India, World, Environmental Awareness, Computers, Plants and Animals and Life Skills.
  • Funsheets have been provided at the end of each term to reinforce the concepts.
  • Powerful Visuals: The series is profusely illustrated. The visuals include illustrations, photographs, maps, cartoons, picture grids and logos.
  • Current Affairs: Current happenings in and around the world have been incorporated.
  • Environmental Awareness: Pages on caring for the environment have been added to build sensitivity towards one’s natural environment.
  • Life Skills: Certain topics like a metro travel map, air flight schedules and first aid will enable the children to deal with everyday life.
  • Thinking Skills: Brain teasers, pictographs, puzzles and venn diagrams will nurture logical and analytical thinking.
  • Personality Development: Pages on values, caring for our elders and our neighbourhood will aid in holistic development of the children.
  • Interactive Approach: The series gives ample scope to children to express themselves.

Answers have been provided at the end of each book.

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