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For Classes:
6 to 8

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History and Civics for ICSE Schools is a series of three books for Classes 6-8. The books are based on the latest syllabus of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education.

The books are not just a simple narration of facts. There is a holistic attempt to explain the link between different events, which include social, economic and cultural history. In the Civics section, numerous examples from everyday life help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Children will be encouraged to go beyond drab facts and develop a love for the subject.

Some special features of the books are:

  • MORE TO KNOW, included in each chapter, gives unusual facts to make the chapter interesting.
  • NEW WORDS explain the important terms used in the chapter.
  • AT A GLANCE helps students to recapitulate what they have learnt.
  • A STORY FROM HISTORY is a piece of historical fiction which reflects the life of the common people down the ages. It adds a third dimension to the learning of history.
  • Exercises, that have both objective and subjective questions, reinforce learning.
  • THINGS TO DO and MAP WORK have activities which encourage the students to do and learn.
  • Visuals include photographs, illustrations, maps, charts and schematic diagrams that will help to reinforce learning.
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9788183320603 ICSE History & Civics 6 (Col. Ed.) Rs   329.90
9788183320610 ICSE History & Civics 7 (Col. Ed.) Rs   339.90
9788183320627 ICSE History & Civics 8 (col. Ed.) Rs   349.90
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